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Poultry & Eggs
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Rules and Conditions

1. All birds must be penned by 10.30am

2. No substition of entries permitted

3. Judging commences at 11am

4. Access to the Judging Area is restricted to the Judge and the Judge's Steward

5. It is a condition of the entry that no bird may be removed before 4.30 pm and must be removed before 5.30pm

6. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to enter the exhibits in the correct class

7. The breed name of each bird must be given on the entry

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Sean cadden Cup - best Exhibit in Section, Hen or Duck

Class 225: 3 Hen Eggs ( any other colour) : €2.00 Prizes: 1st - €10, 2nd - €6, 3rd - €4