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Exhibits can be submitted on the evening before the show, Friday 16th August between 7pm and 9pm or on the morning of the show before 10 am

Judging will commence at 10.30am on Show day and the exhibits will be closed to the public, including the exhibitors, while the judging is in progress

The Home industries display will be open to the public from the completion of the judging until 5 pmand the exhibits may not be removed before 5pm


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All First Prize winners will compete for the Sir Shane Leslie Cup

Root Vegetables must bear tops of 2 inches ( 50mm) minimum

Maggie McQuillan Cup - most points in classes 252 & 253

Class 244: Three Big Onions (home-grown) : €2.00 Prizes: 1st - €10, 2nd - €6, 3rd - €4