Horses / In - Hand Ponies and Cobs / Class 120

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Horse and Pony Exhibitors Please Note the Following:

No Horse or pony Entries accepted on Show Day

Important Notice: Horse riding is a dangerous sport amd all competitors in ridden classes are strongly advised, for their own safety, to wear appropriate head gear which complies with up to date safety standards

In - Hand Ponies and Cobs
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Entries for Classes 112 - 120 should include the name of Pony or Cob

Winners of Classes 113 - 115 will compete for the Sparkling Stud Cup, In - Hand Pony Championship of the Show

Champion - Sash, Reserve - Rosette

Winners of Classes 116 and 117 will compete for the Peter Boylan Cup

Class 120: Registered Connemara Mare or Gelding, 4 years and over (Terence McConnell Cup) : €8.00 Prizes: 1st - €35, 2nd - €20, 3rd - €10, 4th - €8