GDPR Privacy Policy

The processing of your personal data is carried out by The Irish Shows Association CLG (ISA). The Irish Shows Association is a not-for-profit organisation established with the following aims:

• To promote and assist in the development of Agricultural Shows

• To act as a negotiating instrument between members and outside bodies

• To liaise with Government Departments and Agencies in matters affecting members and show exhibitors

• To organise and oversee annual All Ireland Championships in various categories

• To publish an annual shows Guidebook and Judges Lists

• To provide a group insurance scheme for members

• To provide a national secretariat and head office for receiving and processing material relevant to members and their interests


We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining the security of your personal data. This policy outlines how and why we collect and use personal data. We want to ensure you are informed and in control of your data.

What personal data do we hold?

• Name

• Postal address

• Event address

• Office address

• Contact telephone numbers

• Herd numbers, flock numbers, equine premises numbers, compliance certificates or equivalent as needed to comply with regulatory requirements

• Contact emails

• Company name (trade exhibitors, shows & sponsors)

• Financial information as required to process payments

• Employment records and payroll information for our own employees; including, but not exclusive to; contracts, taxation-relevant documentation, pension documents


How will we use this personal data?

We use this data to communicate with you about Show matters, regulatory information, government funding, meetings, seminars. Show contact details are published on our website and in the annual guidebook.

Judges contact details, either supplied directly by the judges to the ISA or as supplied by the various breed societies are published on our guidebook, in print format only.

Employee data will be used to communicate on matters pertaining to employment and taxation. Supplier data will be used to communicate on contract renewals and terms of agreements, as well as delivery of goods and services.

How did we collect this personal data?

You provided it to us when you: