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  1. ACCEPTANCE OF APPLICATIONS: The show committee retains the right to refuse any application which it feels is not suitable for event. Any trade/exhibition stands found to be selling any items such as pellet guns, bangers, stink bombs, and any other similar items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will be removed from show grounds. Please note no refunds for cancellations. Incomplete applications will not be accepted without all of above enclosed.
  2. INDEMNITY: The Exhibitor indemnified Tydavnet Show and Show Grounds against all and any liabilities, losses costs or expenses caused, directly or indirectly as a result of any action or claim by any person of any breach by the exhibitor of these terms or by act of negligence of the Exhibitor, its employee's, directors, and agents. Subcontractors or any other persons authorised by the Exhibitor.
  3. ENTRY OF TRADE STANDS - Access to show grounds available from5pm – 8pm the night before or after 7am on day of show. No admittance for Trade Stands to the show grounds after 10am. (No late entries - No exceptions)
  4. SITE / STAND SPACE: Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate exhibitor space requirements, final allocation and location of exhibition space will be at the discretion of the Show Management.
  5. The Exhibitor shall report to the trade stand organiser / trade stand supervisor on arrival to be shown the precise location of the Stand Space. No cars, trucks or vans must be parked in the exhibition area during the show, unless it is within their stand area. Vehicles must be parked in the exhibitor's car park, which is adjacent to the trade stands area.
  6. The Exhibitor shall ensure that they keep within the Stand Space at all times. The Exhibitor shall ensure that no damage is caused to the Site, within the Stand Space. After the Show, all litter must be cleared from the stand and disposed of off-site. The Exhibitor shall ensure that its Stand Space is tidy at all times and be responsible for proper disposal of any litter.
  7. CHANGES OR CANCELLATION: The Show management reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion (which shall include reference to weather forecasts and ground conditions) to postpone or cancel the Show, make amendments to the parameters of the site or the stand space and / or amend the planned times as set out above. The Show will not be responsible to any exhibitor or person for loss of profit or any consequential loss arising out of the cancellation of the event. The Show shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations pursuant to these terms as a result of flooding, fire, lightning, explosion, drought, ground conditions, act of God, act of terrorism, war, rebellion, sabotage, strike, disease or any other event outside reasonable control of the Show management.
  8. FUNDRAISING, COLLECTIONS, ETC: The Exhibitor shall not hold raffles or collections for contributions to its funds without the prior written consent of the Show engagement and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  9. REGULATION AND HEALTH & SAFETY: The Exhibitor shall comply with all current regulation, including Safety, Health and Welfare Act and the guidance issued by the Health and Safety Authority in relation to it. The Exhibitor shall comply with all directions of the site Safety Officer.