Details of Show Rules & Policies

Rules Relating to Tydavnet Show

  1. All entries must be accompanied by the correct entry fee, which is non – refundable
  2. Only entries accompanied by the appropriate fee will be accepted
  3. Exhibitors alone are responsible for the description of their exhibits
  4. Every exhibit must be the bona fida property of the exhibitor.
  5. Exhibitors must carry their own Public Liability Insurance which will indemnify Tydavnet Show in the event of an accident
  6. The judges shall have the power to award prizes according to their opinion of the exhibits, or to withhold prizes should they be of the opinion that sufficient merit is not shown
  7. First prizewinning exhibits of former years are not eligible for prizes (excluding Sections A, B, C D, E and R)
  8. Cattle winning first prize will not be eligible for competition in subsequent Classes except Championship Classes
  9. All cattle exhibited must be haltered. Bulls must be secured by a ring in the nose with a chain or rope attached, and be in charge of a caretaker, otherwise they cannot be admitted. All competing animals to be distinguished by numbers only
  10. Roots must be washed and tops removed to within 2 inches (50mm)
  11. All Home Industries and Juvenile exhibits must be handed in before 10 am on the morning of the show or the previous evening between 7pm and 8.30pm. Committee members cannot take responsibility for exhibits before these times
  12. Judging in the Home Industries and Juvenile classes will commence at 10.30am on Show Day and the exhibits will be closed to the Public, including the exhibitors, while the judging is in progress
  13. The Home Industries display will be open to the public from the completion of judging until 5p.m. and exhibits may not be removed before 5 p.m.
  14. All exhibitors are to cooperate with stewards in the running of classes
  15. The Show Committee, while taking all reasonable precaution will not be held responsible for accident, loss or damage to any of the exhibits or exhibitors while on Show Grounds
  16. The decision of the Show Committee in all matters relating to the Show shall be final
  17. The acceptance of an entry fee by the Show Committee shall not in any circumstances be regarded or construed by any person as an admission that any exhibit is eligible or suitable for competition in the Show or to receive a prize or prizes
  18. No exhibitor shall inn any way communicate or interfere with a Judge or Judges engaged in adjudication or attempt at any time to dispute a Judge’s finding
  19. Should any dispute arise for which a specific Rule is not provided, such matter inn dispute shall be referred to the Committee, whose direction will be binding and in no case can there be any appeal to law
  20. All entries in the cattle section must be TB and Brucellosis tested. All cattle exhibits must be accompanied by their Passports/Cattle Identity Cards. All cattle must have two tags
  21. Objections must be lodges with Hon Secretary in writing, accompanied by a deposit of €50 (which will be refunded if the objection is considered valid by the Committee) before 5 p.m. on day of Show
  22. Where entries are insufficient, classes may be amalgamated, amended or cancelled at the discretion of the Show Committee. When warranted classes may be divided